PhD Candidate
Faculty of Computer Science
University of Toronto

Mustafa Haiderbhai

Hello! I am third year PhD Student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto advised by Prof. Lueder A. Kahrs. I am a part of the MedCVR Lab and CIGITI Lab at Sick Kids Hospital, where I research autonomous robotics, simulation, and computer vision for surgery.

I recently completed an ML Residency at (Google) X, the moonshot factory. Prior to my PhD, I was at the Metrics Lab at the University of Ottawa working under Prof. Pascal Fallavollita where I recieved my Bachelors and Masters degrees.

My Resume: Mustafa Haiderbhai CV


Selected Works:

Robust Sim2Real Transfer with the da Vinci Research Kit: A Study On Camera, Lighting, and Physics Domain Randomization
Mustafa Haiderbhai, Radian Gondokaryono, Thomas Looi, James Drake, Lueder A. Kahrs
International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2022
Paper / Website

A modular ROS-based dVRK teleoperation controller architecture
Radian Gondokaryono, Mustafa Haiderbhai, Adnan Munawar, Thomas Looi, James Drake, Lueder A. Kahrs
Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2022
Video / Paper

Thompson Sampling Multi-Armed Bandit for Facial Feature Optimization
Mustafa Haiderbhai, Allen Bao, Emmy Liu, Joe Hoang, Molly Sun, Joseph Jay Williams

pix2xray: Converting RGB Images into X-Rays Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Mustafa Haiderbhai, Sergio Ledesma, Sing Chun Lee, Matthias Seibold, Phillip Furnstahl, Nassir Navab, Pascal Fallavollita

Automatic C-Arm Positioning Using Multi-Functional User Interface
Mustafa Haiderbhai, Jesus Guerrero-Turrubiates, Vinod Gutta, Pascal Fallavollita
CMBES 2019
Comparison of a Mixed-Reality Technology to Cadavers for Gross Anatomy Learning
Jeffrey Lao, Stephanie Chevrier, Mustafa Haiderbhai, Sheila Gonzalez-Reyna, Pascal Fallvollita
IMNO 2018